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  1. The test has 20 questions that will be answered by way of multiple choice
  2. The test will take 30 minutes
  3. Every question carries one mark and pass mark is 12/20
  4. In case of any clarification, you are advised to ask the facilitator


Q 1. It is forbidden to carry on the front seat of the vehicle children:

a) Of less tan 10 years of age

b) 7 years of age

c) 12 years of age

d) 16 years of age

Q 2. A moped must be equipped with a sounding alarm which can be heard at a distance of:

a) 100 meters

b) 60 meters

c) 50 meters

d) 40 meters

Q 3. The brake light must be lit when:

a) A vehicle is stopped

b) A driver lit it

c) A vehicle brake system enters in action

d) A vehicle slows down

Q 4. The upper point of the illuminating area of a brake light from the ground level cannot be over:

a) 120 centimeters

b) 1, 50 meters

c) 1,55 meters

d) 1 meter

Q 5. Reflectors placed at the back of trailers must have a form of :

a) Square

b Rectangle

c Triangle

d) Cycle

Q 6. The direction indicating lights must be incorporated to the following lights:

a) Position lights

b) Side lights

c) Brake lights

d) Both a and c are correct answers

Q 7. Loading lights must be visible at night by fine weather by the driver of a vehicle at least at:

a) 200 meters

b) 100 meters

c) 150 meters

d) 120 meters

Q 8. Rules of permanent nature or do not present an emergency nature will be the object of:

a) The Minister in charge of transport

b) The Minister in charge of public works

c) The presidential decrees

d) The Police regulations

Q 9. When a barrow or its loading does not allow him sufficient visibility:

a) The driver must must pull his vehicle

b) The driver must lower the loading

c) A conveyor must follow the vehicle on foot

d) The driver must slow down its vehicle

Q 10. By night, the direction indicating lights must be visible at a minimum distance:

a) 100 meters

b) 150 meters

c) 50 meters

d) 200 meters

Q 11. The illuminating light of the legislation plate must be , at night make readable the legislation plate at a minimum distance of:

a) 40 maters

b) 50 meters

c) 20 meters

d) 100 meters

Q 12.The term footpath designates a narrow public way accessible only to:

a) Pedestrians

b) Pedestrians and bicycles

c) Pedestrians and moped

d) Pedestrians and two wheel vehicles

Q 13. A vehicle cannot be equipped with more than two lights of the same denomination except:

a) The side lights

b) The size lights

c) The direction indicator lights

d) Both b and c are correct answers

Q 14. The maximum speed of a scooter in the cycle lane is:

a) 50 km per hour

b) 60 km per hour

c) 40 km per hour

d) 45 km per hour

Q 15. The speed of a mobbed, by design cannot exceed:

a) 50 km per hour

b) 40 km per hour

c) 45 km per hour

d) 60 km per hour

Q 16. The maximum speed of a vehicle pulling more than two vehicles is:

a) 40 km per hour

b) 20 km per hour

c) 25 km per hour

d) 50 km per hour

Q 17. The total length of line of coupled vehicles is limited to:

a) 10 meters

b) 15 meters

c) 20 meters

d) 25 meters

Q 18. Trailers must be equipped at the rear with lights stipulated for the towing vehicles as soon as:

a) They exceed 10 meters length

b) They exceed 2.10 meters width

c) Their dimensions under these lights become invisible

d) They exceed 8 meters length

Q 19. In agglomerations the maximum speed of vehicles performing the public transport of persons is:

a) 60 km per hour

b) 40 km per hour

c) 70 km per hour

d) 50 km per hour

Q 20. The fastening of coupled vehicles must be signalized when the front of a trailer and the back of the towing vehicle exceeds:

a) 1 meter

b) 2 meters

c) 0.50 meters

d) 3 meters

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