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  1. The test has 20 questions that will be answered by way of multiple choice
  2. The test will take 30 minutes
  3. Every question carries one mark and pass mark is 12/20
  4. In case of any clarification, you are advised to ask the facilitator


Q 1. Movement in parallel columns is authorized when:

a) There is no vehicle from opposite direction

b) The vehicles are of the same category

c) The road is divided into 2 lanes in the same direction

d) Never authorized

Q 2. Drivers are prohibited from moving to the following lanes when the road is provided with 3 lanes of two way traffic:

a) Lane close to the right border

b) The middle lane

c) Lane close the left border

d) Lane close to the pedestrians passage

Q 3. Crossing is performed on:

a) Left side

b) Right side

c) Neither sides

d) No true answer

Q 4. What is done when during the crossing is descent on a steep stop?

a) Descending driver stop and gives passage to the ascending driver

b) Ascending driver stops and gives passage to the descending driver

c) Descending driver stops and the ascending driver reverses

d) No true answer

Q 5. Every driver must ensure the following before overtaking.

a) He is driving a larger vehicle than the one his overtaking

b) Brakes are in good working condition

c) No following driver has began a maneuver to overtake

d) On a one way roadway

Q 6. Overtaking on the left is forbidden when:

a) Indicator lights are not working properly

b) The preceding driver has shown intentions of turning Left

c) The preceding driver has shown intentions of turning Right

d) It always forbidden

Q 7. Which of the following vehicle is not supposed to be left in parking for more than 7 days?

a) Motorcycle

b) Bus

c) Trailer

d) None of them

Q 8. Its prohibited 10 circulate on the left side of a continuous white line:

a) When it separates two direction roadways

b) When on a One way roadways

c) When the road has a width of less than 6m

d) No true answer

Q 9. What distance is left between vehicles in a convoy?

a) 20cm

b) 25cm

c) 30cm

d) 35cm .

Q 10. Who is responsible for indicating an obstacle that has been caused by himself?

a) Traffic police

b) Public service agents

c) The driver who caused the obstacle

d) No true answer

Q 11. What distance is left between 2 parked vehicles on the same side of a roadway allowing simultaneous passage of two vehicles?

a) 3m in agglomeration and 4m outside agglomeration

b) 10m in agglomeration and 20m outside

c) 5m in agglomeration and 20m outside

d) No true answer

Q 12. What distance must be left between two stopped or parked vehicles on opposite sides of a two-way traffic roadway?

a) 10cm

b) 6cm

c) 7cm

d) No true answer

Q 13. What is the minimum distance to be left between two groups of a convoy?

a) 50m

b) 100m

c) 500m

d) 30m

Q 14. When pedestrians move into tire roadway to pass near an obstacle on their passage, drivers must pass that obstacle:

a) Leaving 2m space

b) At a speed of 10km/hr

c) Leaving at least 1m space or moving at pace speed

d) No true answer

Q 15. When a reverse is unavoidable during the crossing, the obligation is incumbent to:

a) Vehicles transporting persons in relation to those transporting goods

b) Set of vehicle in relation to a single vehicle

c) Heavy vehicles in relation to light vehicle

d) No true answer

Q 16. On a One way road drivers are only authorized to park opposite to where another vehicle is already at stop or in parking when the meters of free passage left between are:

a) 2m

b) 3m

c) 6m

d) 5m

Q 17. A driver who realizes that the following driver wishes to overtake him must:

a) Stop immediately

b) Move to the left side of the roadway

c) Move faster

d) Close up the right border without speeding up

Q 18. The minimum age for acquiring the categories of the National Driving license are:

a) 17 years for A, B and 18 years for C, D, E, F

b) 18 years for A, B, C, D, C, D, E, F

c) 18 years for A, B and 20 years for C, D, E, F

d) 18 years for A, B and 25 years for C, D, F

Q 19. When there is a driver supposed to move closer to the right border?

a) Without a right rare view mirror

b) Trailing another

c) Load weight exceeds 5 tones

d) Moving at an increased speed

Q 20. Where along the roadway must animals move?

a) Close to the left border

b) In the middle of the roadway

c) Closer to the right border

d) Never move on the roadway


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