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  1. The test has 20 questions that will be answered by way of multiple choice
  2. The test will take 30 minutes
  3. Every question carries one mark and pass mark is 12/20
  4. In case of any clarification, you are advised to ask the facilitator


Q 1. What is the maximum length of the vehicle pulling another or animal pulling vehicles?

a) 30m

b) 25m

c) 50m

d) No true answer

Q 2. What can I do when I find an accident victim lying on the roadway?

a) Cover him up

b) Evacuate him

c) Give him a drink

d) Talk to him

Q 3. Category A holder can:

a) Drive a tricycle with an engine

b) Drive a motor quadricycle exceeding 400kgs

c) Drive a small automobile vehicle

d) Drive an agricultural vehicle

Q 4. Category B holder can drive:

a) A vehicle with 8 seats excluding the driver’s

b) A vehicle with 8 seats including the driver’s

c) A vehicle whose authorized maximum weight exceeds 5tones.

d) No true answer

Q 5. Category C holder is allowed to be coupled up with a trailer whose authorized weight:

a) Exceeds 1750kgs

b) Exceeds 1000kgs

c) Having 1200kgs

d) No true answer

Q 6. Provisional driving license is renewed:

a) One

b) Twice

c) Thrice annually

d) Four times

Q 7. A driver is required to fulfill the following so as to be given the National driving license:

a) Able to drive despite not knowing the traffic rules

b) Having attended a registered driving school

c) Having attempted the highway code exam

d) No true answer

Q 8. What is the distance must be left in between when following a driving school vehicle?

a) 30cm

b) 50cm

c) 100cm

d) No true answer

Q 9. What category must a driver hold so as to drive a vehicle whose seats exceed 8 including the driver’s seat?

a) B

b) C

c) D

d) No true answer

Q 10. Which of the following provisions is false about Priority vehicles?

a) Obliged respect speed limits

b) Not obliged to respect traffic lights

c) Obliged to respect orders of a qualified agent

d) Can cross through a moving procession

Q 11. When is a bicyclist submitted to pedestrian rules?

a) When mounting it moving through a foot path

b) When pushing the bicycle

c) When mounting it without any other person on it

d) Never are they submitted to pedestrian rules

Q 12. What is the maximum width of a trailer pulled by a bicycle?

a) 1.75m

b) 1.25m

c) 1.65m

d) 75cm

Q 13. What is the maximum width of farm vehicle when circulating between the farm and the fields at 20km/hr maximum speed?

a) 4.20m

b) 3m

c) 2.7m

d) 2.65m

Q 14. The maximum height of a vehicle plus load included to be put in traffic must not exceed:

a) 3m

b) 4m

c) 2.70m

d) 4.5m

Q 15. What is the maximum width of load on a motor cycle?

a) 1cm

b) 0.75cm

c) 0.55cm

d) No true answer

Q 16. A provisional driving license holder is only authorized to drive:

a) Only small vehicles with an instructor

b) Lorries only with a driving instructor

c) All vehicles with a driving instructor

d) No true answer

Q 17. What is the maximum protrusion past the back edge of the vehicle?

a) 1m

b) 2.75m

c) 3m

d) 4m

Q 18. What is the maximum weight of vehicle pulling another?

a) 200 tones

b) 3000 tones

c) 5000 tones

d) No true answer

Q 19. What distance should be left between two automobile vehicles in convoy?

a) 40m

b) 30m

c) 50m

d) No true answer

Q 20. Every driver is forbidden to drive the vehicle whose maximum height exceeds?

a) 5m

b) 4m including the loading

c) 4.3m

d) No true answer

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