ISOMO TECHNOLOGY Ltd is an innovating Company of Internet Archive registered in RDB and is intended to make a contribution to advancing education through the use of ICT. To achieve this, Isomo Technology has developed a website to serve as an online resource and guide center with a wide range of educational information and materials for different levels of users. This is a foster more meaningful use of the internet not only among the youth but also for the general public. Specifically, the website is making the following accessible:

  • Past examination papers for primary, ordinary level (S.3) and Advanced level (S.6)
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Information on short courses and training
  • Rwanda Traffic Rules and Exams past papers
  • Digital Online Library
  • Information on different publishers and respective books, disciplines, and levels of education for both daily life and studies

The motivation behind this idea is to give everyone access to knowledge and improve the quality of life for people living in regions where the population has not yet reached a high level of economic and social development. Isomo Technology is playing an important role in the educational and research process by providing a wide range of materials in one place.